Friday, December 22, 2006

not again

i am at work just typing away at my computer when all of a sudden my bottom pointy tooth is loose. i automatically freak out because permanet teeth shouldn't be loose, but i don't tell anyone about it. i move it and it comes up and then down and i try to keep it down with my tongue. didn't work. it came out. and i held it up. it's root had decayed in my gums. i felt around the bottom of my mouth and i felt the next tooth was becoming loose. i just started bawling and the girls at work asked me what was wrong and i just held up my tooth. my boss was like, that happens to me all the time... and i said, no it doesn't all your teeth are in place.

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wholegrain said...

I hear ya lil' lady. I always have teeth problems in real life and in dreams. Maybe not at work, but I never dream about work. It seems like such a waste since I'm there all the time anyway.

Merry Christmas Everyone.