Tuesday, December 19, 2006

killer whale time

I was at this shelter of sorts with a few of my high school friends, the only one that stood out was my friend Leah McGaughy, now Alton. Whe and i were waiting on the band to start playing. We were just chattin it up, it was really hot and humid. When the band came in, it was our other friend from high school, casey anderson and her husband clint culberson. She played piano and he played guitar and sang. She had short hair, bangs and a handband on. They played, Leah started to do the cha cha line and started taking us around this shelter, turns out it was casey's house from high school with one exception, every room had beautiful, expensive blue tiles on the floor.
The next thing i remember is going outside with leah, casey and clint and we were walking around in this amazing rain forest, everything was SO SO green and sticky and hot, when we saw roller coaster tracks. we waited for the coaster to come along and sure enough it did. They stopped pedaling the coaster (that's how it was powered) right at a weird 90 degree turn, 90 degree turns are no good with jungle coasters. Cedric the Entertainer and my friend Natiya from 6th grade were on the coaster. We talked like it was no big deal. Casey then pointed down and said, "let's go there!"
There happened to be a canal of sorts, it was the craziest blue green sea EVER, it was a skinny canal that lead to the big sea. Cedric and i ran down and jumped in and i saw a white fish swimming towards me, it scared me and i said, "i hope i don't get stung by a jelly fish" Cedric said to me someting along the lines of, "don't worry about it, we get to the big blue sea and we can still be physical." (the still be physical part he said for sure).
next thing we knew all these fish started coming through the canal which now ran under a bridge. This tiny airplane, about the size of a dog, came through and came up right to me - this plane had organic features, like eyes and a freaking tail, but these things were still metal. Then a white dolphin came up to me, who had sort of a cleft palate of sorts and started nudging me like a cat. He was gorgeous. i spit water then he spit water and we laughed. then a killer whale came through, i tried to spit water at her, but no go at the mimicking me. She made me uneasy though because she was so big!!

it went on and on, but there was something with a baby on shore who was holding like a fairy fish and when the killer whale went to see her, she dropped the fairy fish because shewas scared and then casey had to go change the baby's diaper.

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wholegrain said...

I feel like you are Dr. Doolittle.