Thursday, June 01, 2006

cats and pools then boobs and pools

i was walking down this back street in Farmland with my cat, Lydia, at around dusk. Lydia ran into this woman's yard. I was so upset about it. She had a pool in her yard that she must have just opened because the water was green with leaves and such floating around in it, but at the same time, the water was very clear. Lydia jumped in and the woman came out of her house. She was older, like 50 some, she had a raggedy pony tail a tank top on with no bra and shorts. She just stared at me. I looked down to the pool and Lydia was NOT SWIMMING; she just sank... and her eyes were wide open. I started screaming: "SWIM! LYDIA, MOVE YOUR LITTLE PAWS!!" she didn't. she sank right down to the bottom. I jumped in and saved her, brought her to the side of the pool and gave her infant CPR. She gave a little mew-cough and spit some water and i felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.
i had to tell andy.
so i started walking to where he was. i just knew the location kind of internally. i arrived and it was at bob and christy's home and they also have a pool. andy and maria (jordan's maria) were just chatting it up when i got there. maria was trying to convince andy to skinny dip with her. when they noticed me, andy tried to convince me that it was okay for us to be naked with maria. I went off like a damn bottle rocket... screaming that all he wanted to do was see her naked and that wasn't right. i called him names like a son of a bitch and mother fucker... and while i was screaming this, maria went and took off her clothes and came out on to the deck naked.

(so yes, i saw maria naked in my dream- and boy, was i pissed about it)


wholegrain said...

Erica, all your dreams are crazy x-dreams. The Extreme Dream. It seems like all your emotions in your dreams are all the way on. You need to dream about some boring crap once in a while.

erica*ann said...

i know. right?