Monday, May 15, 2006

winsome and then some

Our basketball team was coached by my boss at work, and he and his wife took us all to this cool comics shop. They bought me this hugely oversized deck of playing cards with various knights and armed soldiers on the backs- die cut with swords sticking out the top,etc. I said that it was really nice but one of those things I'd probably never use, could I choose a comic instead?
They said I could. So I finally decided on a strange, foreign but awesome-looking title and ran it up to the register.
When the guy handed me back my book, I realized that I'd accidentally grabbed a leather bound, gilded edged copy of part of the Old Testament - bummer!

Also: there was a race through this intricate maze of dense framing (2-by-4s EVERYWHERE!!!) through floor after floor of a giant building under construction. when we reached the basement area, there was a hockey/soccer type game involving throwing bricks into a fireplace (complete with crackling fire). I was losing most of the earlier race but totally dominating the fire-brick game. There was also some coleslaw being thrown into the fire, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't worth as much as a brick goal.

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wholegrain said...

Cole Slaw isn't worth a brick in the fire. Coleslaw is the lamest of all picnic salad dreams.