Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How the West was ONE

My friend Jayme Valentine from high school was a drug dealer. He shows up in my dreams fairly often. He was in a bad way, as he owed his clients something like $12,000 (for what???). So I was trying to give him some advice about how to get out of the predicament. I suggested that he offer an extra 'shipment' of drugs as a payment, since he alread had that commodity on hand, and its value was marked up to make him a profit. Later he turned into Jordan (my wife) and then I found four antique $5,000 dollar bills in a ziploc bag from the Hoppers couch cushions.
Also: There was a huge war/terrorist invasion/drug lord shootout and I was a member of this gang of characters from Rugrats or South Park or some other child cartoon character gang and we were defeating everyone because we were short and they were aiming too high.

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wholegrain said...

That's why my motto is "Never Aim High."