Saturday, June 17, 2006

Indy Gymnastic competition

heather, sarah and i were at this gymnastics competition that the two of them were competing in. It was a big deal like almost the Olympics. Every one was stressed out because of one reason or another. I was because their routines didn't start until 10pm and i had to make it from Indy back to wisconsin before the next day because i couldn't miss high school. Otherwise i'd be truant. Sarah, who was slowly turning into marissa chittick, was stressed out because Heather stole her white body suit (you know the kind gymnastic girls wear).. on purpose. Sarah found me in the hall way and was crying crying crying crying that heather took it on purpose and she tried heather's body suit on and it as WAY too small. So, i thought it was my place, nay, my duty to find heather and right this wrong. i found her alright, talking on the phone.. she started running from me until i snatched her by the pony tail and forced her in the dressing room where sarah was trying to get this versace belt on over the skirt. magically, the body suit was now on sarah and heather was out of the picture. sarah started having drama with the skirt she wanted to wear.. and i started birthing a plan about going to a different high school.

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