Tuesday, February 14, 2006

you're the only one who knows (slash) water whale stories

so, andy and i were at my grandparents house.. and all my family was there including my really old great grandpa. he was sitting on the green leather couch in a dark flannel shirt. except he looked totally weird to me. turns out, he was dead. actually, a ghost who was not his ghost... this ghost was tall and really dark, bald with long thin fingers. the catch is and the totally scary ass scary part is when he told me i was the only one who knew the ghastly secret. and i could feel devious plans being planned in his scrawny little bald head... and NO ONE would listen to me at all... NOT at all. then he whispered to me, "you're the only who knows"....

i woke up sweaty and scared.

then.. ((slash)) when i went back to sleep:

i was at dale hollow lake in tennessee with my grandparents, andy, my brother roger, and my dad ((who is dead in real life)) and we were trying to save a killer whale... and we were furiously running away from authorities on wave runners and we got to this certain point off of a dock thing... where the whale was waiting on us. an older version of joan rivers rolled the whale up and over the dock ((by herself)) and behind our wave runners ((i was on one with my dad)). we tied this blue and white rope around him and took off..with the whale trailing us. and i felt tense and stressed..

and then i woke up.


wholegrain said...

Holy S-word! Those are absolutely amazing. Kind of like a weird Free Willy, that second one.

Anonymous said...

that second one's not really that much of a stretch... joan rivers is freakishly strong. i know from experience, dude.

Anonymous said...

wave runners buddy? whatabitch. love, sarey