Sunday, February 05, 2006

Momma Didn't Raise No Fool

There was so much more before this section... I wish I could remember all of it. I actually woke up & was like, "Man, I've got to remember all this." But I guess some is better than jack-squat.

So I was running along these rooftops which were made of those red tiles you see out West or in Greece.... and I was making huge leaps and not getting hurt as I was going from rooftop to rooftop. Then as I got to the end of a line of rooftops, all I could see was the ocean and a little harbor with docks & stuff. So I landed on one dock in particular (without smashing it like all the rooftops before it), and there was a competition going on to see who could dive the deepest without being aided by oxygen tanks or any other equipment whatsoever. I was going up against these two absolutely smokin' chicks. We were all in the water, and one of them offered me a huge Subway sub meal deal right before it was my turn... but I knew she was up to something and I thought to myself, "I'm not falling for that one." I guess Subway has an adverse effect on depth-diving. Then I dove down feet-first and I was going so fast through the water that when I got to the bottom, I got stuck for a while. When I got loose & got back up to the surface, I watched the other 2 girls go, and I knew I'd won -- I hit the bottom of the ocean, after all. The one chick who offered me the sub confessed to trying to rig the competition by getting everybody full of food. But I forgave her and she fed me the sub anyway.


wholegrain said...

What do you mean, FED you the sub?

Anonymous said...

She FED it to me. Look Ma, no hands!!