Sunday, February 05, 2006

My First Dream Post

Actually in afghanistan I was having loads of sweet crazy dreams but i didn't have access or time to post. So this one is my starter. Its actually just a tiny dream I had as I was falling asleep last night and then got up to go the bathroom and lost it.

I was talking to my friend Jeemin who is going to the US with me and we were planning one of our speaking stops but instead this time we were planning some performance art. We were listening to Keith Fullerton Whitman (some ambient music) and I said, "yeah we could really have a lot of different colored lights here and maybe some water with this music." and then suddently we were in that little art gallery at Huntington College and acting it out. and she said that people could crawl into the middle of the room and it would be really dark except the water lights in the corner and then while the people listened to the music, her and me would, "walk around the room and make choices" as in we would both just be milling around and make a lot of decisions and this would the be the beautiful beautiful art peice that people would watch.

That's it. Sorry it was so short. I just think choices are really funny, and I want to actually do this now.

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wholegrain said...

That would be the definition of AWESOME! I want to be there when you try it. Especially in the HC gallery.