Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Amanda and I were at something like a family reunion on the Plett side and we had like 3 kids that weren't ours we had to take care of. There were soooo many people there that I didn't know or did know that amanda and I and these kids had to stay in the unfinished concrete basement. One of the kids was this boy who was always trying to fight with me. So annoying of a 6 year old. Hitting me in the balls and laughing kind of kid. Anyway the other two were Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Lisa didn't talk much though. She was easy to take care of. Maggie would constantly crawl everywhere, and quickly too. She got on this elevator and crawled all over the neighborhood and we lost her. We were like whatever, someone will find her.

So then I had to go to this poker tournament with Jake, Paco, and Sabrina Cohee/my cousin Tara drove us there. We played for a long time and I got third place and won 20 bucks. Jake won the tournament and got 25,000 bucks and wasn't even excited. We were driving home and Jake was all bored and I kept looking at my 20 bucks like it was awesome. We drove into this small town where the reunion had moved to and they dropped me off. All the towns trees were dead and the sun was very bright but not hot. I got back to the houses the reunion was and everybody was outside having closing ceremonies in the backyard.

There were all kinds of people saying goodbye and giving speeches. My real family was there and so was this other homeless man who was also my dad. We were jokin around and then he had to give a speech and asked someone if they had some money. I got sooooo mad that I tackled my "dad" to the ground and yelled at him for asking for money from people he had just been hugging. ? My real dad pulled me off ole' fake dad and yelled at me for being so mean. I realized that I was an ass. The next thing I knew Amanda and I looked at each other and realized noone had Maggie. We found her nearly dead in someone's cellar next door. She was almost dead. We had some uncle/doctor who tried to help her. Our family held hands and prayed and I woke up with a major stomachache.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My dog, Satan

Alicia and I were at the San Antonio riverwalk but we couldn't figure out how to get to the lower level next to the river. We found a secret stairway/slide inside of a restaurant that took us where we wanted to be. Once we got there we started fighting over where we wanted to go. I walked away from her and went back up the strange stairway/slide while she stayed with her brother, who had joined us.
I was suddenly walking through a sliding glass door. As I passed through the door I realized I was inside my house but there was a dog sitting just inside on the carpet. I immediately knew the dog was Satan. I tried to scare Satan by yelling, "Get behind me Satan. Get out of my house Satan!" Satan replied in a classic deep Satan voice, "Get out of your own house, Mark." Now I felt screwed. Satan wasn't scared of me and he knew my name.
I woke up here probably because Satan was ready to pull me into the depths of hell. And I bet if that happens in a dream, it's happening in real life.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Indy Gymnastic competition

heather, sarah and i were at this gymnastics competition that the two of them were competing in. It was a big deal like almost the Olympics. Every one was stressed out because of one reason or another. I was because their routines didn't start until 10pm and i had to make it from Indy back to wisconsin before the next day because i couldn't miss high school. Otherwise i'd be truant. Sarah, who was slowly turning into marissa chittick, was stressed out because Heather stole her white body suit (you know the kind gymnastic girls wear).. on purpose. Sarah found me in the hall way and was crying crying crying crying that heather took it on purpose and she tried heather's body suit on and it as WAY too small. So, i thought it was my place, nay, my duty to find heather and right this wrong. i found her alright, talking on the phone.. she started running from me until i snatched her by the pony tail and forced her in the dressing room where sarah was trying to get this versace belt on over the skirt. magically, the body suit was now on sarah and heather was out of the picture. sarah started having drama with the skirt she wanted to wear.. and i started birthing a plan about going to a different high school.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How the West was ONE

My friend Jayme Valentine from high school was a drug dealer. He shows up in my dreams fairly often. He was in a bad way, as he owed his clients something like $12,000 (for what???). So I was trying to give him some advice about how to get out of the predicament. I suggested that he offer an extra 'shipment' of drugs as a payment, since he alread had that commodity on hand, and its value was marked up to make him a profit. Later he turned into Jordan (my wife) and then I found four antique $5,000 dollar bills in a ziploc bag from the Hoppers couch cushions.
Also: There was a huge war/terrorist invasion/drug lord shootout and I was a member of this gang of characters from Rugrats or South Park or some other child cartoon character gang and we were defeating everyone because we were short and they were aiming too high.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

cats and pools then boobs and pools

i was walking down this back street in Farmland with my cat, Lydia, at around dusk. Lydia ran into this woman's yard. I was so upset about it. She had a pool in her yard that she must have just opened because the water was green with leaves and such floating around in it, but at the same time, the water was very clear. Lydia jumped in and the woman came out of her house. She was older, like 50 some, she had a raggedy pony tail a tank top on with no bra and shorts. She just stared at me. I looked down to the pool and Lydia was NOT SWIMMING; she just sank... and her eyes were wide open. I started screaming: "SWIM! LYDIA, MOVE YOUR LITTLE PAWS!!" she didn't. she sank right down to the bottom. I jumped in and saved her, brought her to the side of the pool and gave her infant CPR. She gave a little mew-cough and spit some water and i felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.
i had to tell andy.
so i started walking to where he was. i just knew the location kind of internally. i arrived and it was at bob and christy's home and they also have a pool. andy and maria (jordan's maria) were just chatting it up when i got there. maria was trying to convince andy to skinny dip with her. when they noticed me, andy tried to convince me that it was okay for us to be naked with maria. I went off like a damn bottle rocket... screaming that all he wanted to do was see her naked and that wasn't right. i called him names like a son of a bitch and mother fucker... and while i was screaming this, maria went and took off her clothes and came out on to the deck naked.

(so yes, i saw maria naked in my dream- and boy, was i pissed about it)