Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aye Yay yi

So My sister and I were in a car following my mom in a car and we were going somewhere. My mom turned off on the wrong street and we had to turn around. Stacy and I were like, gosh, mom always goes the wrong way. So we turn around, and to get back onto the main street, there is a median like at the entrance to HC with the left side for people coming in and the right side for people leaving that street. My mom goes to the left and we're like, dang it mom, wrong again. We go to the right so we're next to her car on the other side of the median and we're yelling at her to turn right when we see this huge pickup truck coming straight at her car from the side and doesn't slow down and totally crushes my mom's car between the median and the truck. The pickup driver doesn't even care he just sits there expressionless not backing up while stacy and I are screaming all the cuss words ever at him that he just killed our mother. I get so pissed that I get out and walk over and punch through his window and grab him by the neck and pull his whole body out of the window and slam him down on the ground and punch his head into the street until the ambulance arrives. However, when I start to punch him I realize that I'm dreaming and have a huge guilt trip about killing this guy and also a feeling that I couldn't have punched through that window without it hurting like hell so I rewind my dream to the part where I get out of the car and I can't decide what to do except get more and more mad and conflicted, until I woke up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

you're the only one who knows (slash) water whale stories

so, andy and i were at my grandparents house.. and all my family was there including my really old great grandpa. he was sitting on the green leather couch in a dark flannel shirt. except he looked totally weird to me. turns out, he was dead. actually, a ghost who was not his ghost... this ghost was tall and really dark, bald with long thin fingers. the catch is and the totally scary ass scary part is when he told me i was the only one who knew the ghastly secret. and i could feel devious plans being planned in his scrawny little bald head... and NO ONE would listen to me at all... NOT at all. then he whispered to me, "you're the only who knows"....

i woke up sweaty and scared.

then.. ((slash)) when i went back to sleep:

i was at dale hollow lake in tennessee with my grandparents, andy, my brother roger, and my dad ((who is dead in real life)) and we were trying to save a killer whale... and we were furiously running away from authorities on wave runners and we got to this certain point off of a dock thing... where the whale was waiting on us. an older version of joan rivers rolled the whale up and over the dock ((by herself)) and behind our wave runners ((i was on one with my dad)). we tied this blue and white rope around him and took off..with the whale trailing us. and i felt tense and stressed..

and then i woke up.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dead Faces in the water

I was going with Phillips and Amanda to watch a beauty pageant of girls that went to college with us. We get there and everyone is sitting watching. We watch for awhile and realize we can't remember like anyone in the competition. So Amanda goes to get a program, right? When we look at it there are full page portraits of each of the girls on the left page and something about them written on the right page. The pictures are weird but beautiful dark "candid" portraits that I took of each of them in college on accident. Like I wasn't looking when I took the picture but I took all of them. Also everyone in the pageant was dead of some accident. And I had taken pictures of all of them. I freaked out and ran out to the parking lot to my car. I jumped in the trunk and slid down a hole that went to a weird different world that looked like Fraggle Rock.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Momma Didn't Raise No Fool

There was so much more before this section... I wish I could remember all of it. I actually woke up & was like, "Man, I've got to remember all this." But I guess some is better than jack-squat.

So I was running along these rooftops which were made of those red tiles you see out West or in Greece.... and I was making huge leaps and not getting hurt as I was going from rooftop to rooftop. Then as I got to the end of a line of rooftops, all I could see was the ocean and a little harbor with docks & stuff. So I landed on one dock in particular (without smashing it like all the rooftops before it), and there was a competition going on to see who could dive the deepest without being aided by oxygen tanks or any other equipment whatsoever. I was going up against these two absolutely smokin' chicks. We were all in the water, and one of them offered me a huge Subway sub meal deal right before it was my turn... but I knew she was up to something and I thought to myself, "I'm not falling for that one." I guess Subway has an adverse effect on depth-diving. Then I dove down feet-first and I was going so fast through the water that when I got to the bottom, I got stuck for a while. When I got loose & got back up to the surface, I watched the other 2 girls go, and I knew I'd won -- I hit the bottom of the ocean, after all. The one chick who offered me the sub confessed to trying to rig the competition by getting everybody full of food. But I forgave her and she fed me the sub anyway.

My First Dream Post

Actually in afghanistan I was having loads of sweet crazy dreams but i didn't have access or time to post. So this one is my starter. Its actually just a tiny dream I had as I was falling asleep last night and then got up to go the bathroom and lost it.

I was talking to my friend Jeemin who is going to the US with me and we were planning one of our speaking stops but instead this time we were planning some performance art. We were listening to Keith Fullerton Whitman (some ambient music) and I said, "yeah we could really have a lot of different colored lights here and maybe some water with this music." and then suddently we were in that little art gallery at Huntington College and acting it out. and she said that people could crawl into the middle of the room and it would be really dark except the water lights in the corner and then while the people listened to the music, her and me would, "walk around the room and make choices" as in we would both just be milling around and make a lot of decisions and this would the be the beautiful beautiful art peice that people would watch.

That's it. Sorry it was so short. I just think choices are really funny, and I want to actually do this now.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I haven't had any sweet dreams lately.... I can't even remember having one for like 3 weeks. I'll try harder tonight, though, I swear.