Monday, May 23, 2005

Once and Future Thing

I went to Amanda's parents house this weekend and slept on the floor in their living room. The dream I had was pretty wild.
First section was inclusive of a Robin Hood Sherwood forest/international airport atmosphere. Everything was covered in leaves, the ground at least. There was a girl, me and somebody I felt like a mixture of Peter Pan and Robin Hood. He was actually pretty wimpy. The girl was kindof attractive and she told me she was friends with Mariah Carey or something and that Mariah liked me, which was awesome in my dream. So we were going to pick her up from the airport together in our merrymen-style garb in our white 15 passenger van. Then the girl forest girl is suddenly gone as we get to the city which is insanely futuristic.

The city is like Fifth Element mixed with A.I. mixed mostly with Blade Runner style. And all of a sudden the dream turns into this dark grimy futuristic theme as I get behind the wheel. Now I'm on my way to work. I pull up to the building that I work in and go down into the parking garage where this very tense and uneasy dude asks if I would take his dog for him because he can't take care of it anymore. He looked really stressed so I said yes and he showed me this cage that was like the size of a big entertainment center (like 5 feet tall) with shelves and on the top shelf was this tiny white Lhasa Apso. I was like whatever and put the kennel in the back of the van and parked and went to work. I forget some of the work part of the dream, but when I got off work I went down to check on the dog and the cage was broken open and the dog was gone. There was more but damn if I can't remember the rest.

Piece be with you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Alright Okay.

So here's something for you to think about and test out. Last weekend I had two dreams one night and the next night had another.
The doubledream night I had a very boring dream and woke up sleeping on my right side.
Then I rolled over and slept on my left side and had a sweet cool dream adventure. I can't remember it as much now though.
Maybe we should try that theory.

Anyway one of the dreams I had involved "the amazing race" and I was in it with my cousin that Kurzen hates. It was different because we were in Afghanistan and everything was muddy. (Something recurring in dreams lately). The object wasn't to get somewhere first but to be the last group alive. Everywhere we went it was like world war 2 in the trenches with planes bombing and us just running like crazy. We won at least and didn't die. That's all I could remember.

However, last night I had a very intense dream involving all evil characters from all five star wars movies that I have seen. We, (me, some girl and guy and little boy) were making our way through a haunted house and every time we'd get to the top of a stairway or end of a hallway, we'd see all the bad dudes from the movies. I was specifically scared of Darth Maul. They would all throw these curved knives and I would use this sword/bat to deflect them from us.
Then when they were out of knives they would move on for a later battle. After deflecting, we went into this wood floor room with nothing in it and had some snacks still scared. The little boy would crawl around on the floor and I would regain strength. That's all I can remember.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Dream blog: 2029.
Alright the latest dream I had was last night. It took place on the Huntington University campus. My family and I lived in a house with only two walls and no roof and one room with a wood floor. We lived on that stip of grass in front of the PERC where the two lanes are separated. Anyway, we were having like some family field trip or something and we were chasing animals and stuff and then there came this goose that had gray neck and legs and a white body. It kept switching colors from gray to white and my dad said it was a "slut". Then he was like, "Yeah, that's what we used to call those back on the farm." Stacy and I laughed because dad said slut and didn't know it was bad. We walked down this dirt driveway over by Kids Kampus and it led to this house where some folks were barbecuing. When we came out of the trees we realized that it looked like we were trespassing. The people were watching us but trying to ignore us. Gradually more and more people from college came out from the trees and took over the house and it had the feeling of late-night study break at the dowden's. :). That's the first time I've ever done the smiley face. I hate it. I got sick of it and took off through their backyard where there were trails of wooden walkways everywhere and got in a verbal fight with some people. When I got back to our "house" I had a verbal fight with someone else about our dog that didn't exist peeing on their lawn. Then I woke up. Have a nice weekend.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Puppie Suprise

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm writing this to Kurzen, cuz I think he's the only one who knows about this anyway. I had a dream last weekend that was the ulimate. I didn't write it down and I am pissed about that. Anyway from what I can remember, I had to be in this amateur horror movie that was at this high school in the desert.
The main part I remember is that the shoot went all wrong, if you will, and things started to really happen. Not like murder or anything but in one scene there was this huge dog that looked like a Pound Puppie® plush toy that I had when I was a lad. But the thing was he was chasing me and foaming at the mouth and I was really really scared. Then while he was chasing me down this long hallway there were these creepy voice and all these feathers and heads off of little pound puppies came raining down on our little chase scene. Wicked huh? Anyway, I'm not good blog subject matter.

Last night, I had another dream. I was at college and Abbie Rodgers, Greg Powell, Chase Verba, who in this dream was like this young kid who was like following me like jobshadowing my life or something, ( Let's just say I was a big influence on the guy) were hanging out along with some other random unknown co-eds.
I was also playing basketball on the team at the time and for some reason was loving that. (Andy, you and I dream about that too damn often.) There were some hoop dreams with live game action that I'm just going to choose to forget. Anyway, we were all hanging out in this library that was like an elementary school's library and doing some group project, when I just decided to walk around.
I was looking through some books when I found some book that I obviously loved when I was a kid, I don't know what I was but it was like a 60 page geography book with one of those very ages covers. I pulled it out and everyone was awestruck that I had done so. When I opened the book this huge gust of windy misty smoke would shoot out of the binding like a train's whistle and the book would start flapping these beautiful wings, that somehow I had not managed to see earlier.
Everyone was insanely amazed at this book. I just played it off like that's normal and "yeah, it'll do that." was kinda my only vibe. Soon we were all bored with the book which is insanely dumb because of it's enormous entertaining value, but I checked it out from paco's mom and we went out to play in the park. Then, the rest of the dream, everytime people would laugh I would open the book so that people would laugh more. Kinda like farting. . . Jordán.