Monday, May 01, 2006

Where've You Been?

Damn, son! Where've the dreams been. Nobody cares? I've got an excuse. I hadn't had any of note for awhile. Until this weekend. Whoa!

1. Amanda as a really responsible social weed smoker.
2. Flying in a hanglider videotaping other stunt guys doing like rocketman stunts with flying squirrels and monkeys bigger than me jumping from tree to tree.
3. On the Mayflower.
4. Standing on a 2 foot wide boat dock swatting jumping pirhanas out of mid-air as they increasingly grow in size and jumping ability.
5. Lots of hiking in purple places.

I'm so mad because I had like 6 dreams each Friday and Saturday night and didn't write them down to remember. They were better than those but, you know how it is.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Squirrels & monkeys & weed, oh my!