Thursday, December 29, 2005

carlsbad caverns(psych)

so my buddy matt(not to be confused with kelly mast) asked me years ago to do this dream blog thing, but i had big plans of success and grandure, so i was like "uhh, talk to the hand, i guess." but then i hit it big, so now i got nothing else to do and he asked me a gain and here we are. anyway this is a dream from a long time ago, but i'll pretend that it happened last night.

so last night i had this dream that these fed ex dudes were taking me to town. that is to say they were beating me up. it was like 5 on one and they were just standing there kicking the crap outta me. using their heavy packages to really ruff me up good. believe me, i thought i was a gonner, but then all of a sudden, out of nowhere come the boys in brown, thats right like 5 U.P.S. dudes came rushing in there and started wooping sorry fed ex tail. i was very grateful to say the least, then they stole the fed ex chumps packages, then i woke up. hooray.
thats the first dream, there will be many more to come(maybe).

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sales Counter Encounter

Last night I had one of those dreams that flashes around to different scenes and situations.

From what I remember, I started out being chased around by something I couldn't see. And surprise, surprise, I couldn't run fast... I hate that. There were other people and animals running frantically from it, too, but nobody could see it. And people were rioting... I turned to look back at what I was running from once and saw a group of men, some of whom riding in the back of a pickup truck with semi-automatic weapons, run down this guy and kill him for no good reason. I remember thinking that now I had to look out for guys in pickup trucks, in addition to the invisible evil I was running from. I was mad at them, though, and looped around this building to try to head them off and do something drastic. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Then all of a sudden I was an Indiana Pacer, and we were in the locker room after a game. My locker was right next to Jermaine O'Neal's. He got dressed, and said that now he had to go to work. I figured he had a more important basketball game to go play or something, but he walked about 10 steps, and there appeared a little convenience store, attached to the locker room. He went & sat behind the counter, looking pissed that he had to be there. I saw that his locker was open, and since I must've been pressed for funds myself, I grabbed a bar of soap out of his locker and tried to return it to the convenience store. He just looked at me like, "Are you kidding me?" I guess the Pacers were having a bad year.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Notes 'bout Recent Dreams

Last five nights, five dreams. Yikes. Two are already written in stone on here. The others are relatively lame 'cept one. Lame ones first bad-a one last.

1. Last night involved a walk downtown at night. There was a guy who was homeless and really skinny and kinda old who would always try to be my friend when I would walk and stop to talk to him. But then he would always try to hurt me. Like throw punches or something, but I would never get mad. One time I was walking my some old lady friend's house and he was there with a handgun and sock cap. We started chatting and then he pointed the gun at me to shoot me. I did a sweet Jackie Chan move and grabbed the gun and pulled the "top" off so he couldn't fire it. He just leaned back against the house while the lady who lived in the house gave him a talking to.

2. Amanda's sister and brother in-law bought Professor Lee's house outside of Huntington. (My family used to go over there every week for 4th through 8th grade). Except it was totally crappy. All the walls were just concrete block and the roof was a poorly set up tarp. The floor was wet and just crappy and the whole yard was horrible. I was mad at them because they bought the house for a lot of cash, and got ripped off and they are in real-life not well-off financially with two little girls who now have to live in a crappy swamp.

Alright here's the top dream besides the bull/kitten one.
Amanda's three year old niece was a teenager and we were going to visit her. To get there we had to appear in a shrub/3-4 foot tall bush in their back yard. Brayden (the niece) was one of those depressed teens and her mom was Abby Acres(Myers) and her dad was Mike Golic from ESPN radio. Yeah radio. They took us into their house and showed us around and introduced us to Bob Golic, Mike's brother, who we'd be staying with. This place was like a huge huge hotel suite with like 4 rooms with all grey walls with nothing on them. The place was really odd but also felt kind of normal. Then Brayden and parents had to leave for something so we watched them disappear into the bush in the backyard. We went back inside to hang out with Bob who had started digging/piling black bricks from the floor in the middle of the hallway, really black bricks. The floor was made out of black bricks. Black Bricks. It's a sign. I asked him if he needed any help, he said he was fine, he could manage alone we were guests. We found out they were charging us to stay there, too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bull S#!%...Cat S#!%?

The beginning is a bit cloudy. I feel like I was driving (riding) in a car through barren lands with only brown dirt and no grass anywhere. We drove through many towns and over many railroad tracks, all the towns had small metal silos. Then my family either dropped me off or I was instantly on this median under an overpass with tall grass and a weeping willow. (I've been there many times in dreams just standing with no cars anywhere). Anyway I was with some old man in a white suit like Colonel Sanders'. We walked down a dirt road to a town with farms and factories and the old man all of sudden turned into a young teen who loved to cause mischief in the back of huge factories. Apparently he was like a "bull-escaper" not a bull fighter just a guy who would let really rabid pissed off bulls loose just to chase him and he would just dodge them and stuff like a rodeo clown, very dangerous but I guess it was his profession.

The worst part is that he had a list of all the bulls in town and what addresses they lived at. There were different levels of bull toughness too. Some were "monster" and there were also other categories like "wimpy". Well, he had brought me along to videotape him while he did it. Which meant I had to escape the bull also while filming him. He kindof turned into different people during this time. We went to this place with a small courtyard and he looked at the door number and this bull was higher on the rowdy scale and he opened the door and it ran out and was chasing him. I was filming and he was getting really close to dying and then the bull would come after me, but I was dodging without looking at the bull b/c I still had to film this white suit cowboy. Apparently, I was really good at it because people were complimenting me and the white suit kid hired me full time.

So we go to this abandoned milk farm/factory for the next bull and the door is about to be opened. I feel really uneasy about this bull before we open the door b/c there's not much open area to get away. So genius opens the door and this boar sized bull runs out as fast as hell. He's all over but he's too small to do much damage. The bull runs around really fast for like 5 minutes and then gets hurt or something and falls on some board and starts to shrivel. I yell at the cowboy guy because he totally hurt this poor thing. It shrivels down and turns into a kitten. "Man, we've gotta do something, I think it's dying." I said.
"Naw, it'll be alright. Just wait." he said.
So the bull/kitten starts to shake and bleed a tiny bit through it's fur and dies. I'm so pissed at this guy I want to cuss. I look down at his list and this "bull" is one of the lowest ranked. It's on the practice list and he killed it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meanings? Maybe.

Alright so on our links there is a jjreem interp which is dream interpretations. It's kinda weak but interesting. Here are some notes on some of the Dream Teams recent dreams.

Matt's tons of water dreams lately. (Some not posted)
To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. To dream that water is boiling, suggests that you are expressing some emotional turmoil. It also may mean that feelings from your unconscious are surfacing and ready to be acknowledged.

To dream that water is rising up in your house, signifies your struggles and overwhelming emotions.

Dusty's Deals
To dream that you are being served by a waiter, signifies that you will be involved in many social gatherings involving friends or loved ones.

To dream of an angry, slovenly waiter, signifies a disruption and intrusion of offensive people into your life.

Elden's "Water Bed"
To dream that you are drowning, signifies that you are overwhelmed by emotions or repressed issues that is coming back to haunt you. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your unconscious thoughts. If you drown to death, your relationship will fail or you will suffer major business losses. If your survive the drowning, then your relationship will be rescued by some intervention. You will rise to a higher position of wealth and honor.

Mark, you gotta show up sooner or later.

Andy's scared in the hotel bathroom by the monster
To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". Alternatively, it may symbolize purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.

To dream that you are in a public restroom with no stalls, signifies your frustrations about getting enough privacy. It may also indicate that you are having difficulties letting go of old emotions. If you reveal these feelings, you are afraid that others around you will judge and criticize you.
To dream that you can not find the bathroom, signifies that you are have difficulties in releasing and expressing your emotions.

Check it out.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crazy Jamaica Trip...almost

Ok, pay attention, because this one was so weird it actually motivated me to join your amazing blog!

It starts off that I am on an airplane that lands on the street I grew up on. Ryan Darr is piloting the flight, who is the current student body prez at HC. Then I go to the house I lived in as a kid when Norrie comes by in his car to ask me if I want to go to Jamaica for a Mission trip for 2 days. I say yes, but apparently he just waits for me to pack. Somehow it took me many hours to pack for the two day mission trip and by the time we arrive at the airport to fly to Jamaica we are late, but still decide to eat at this nice sit down restaurant at the airport. Anyway, some guy joined us that I never figured out who he was but we talked to him like we were all friends. Then the waitress was apparently really bad and I told her she was the worst waitress ever. Then we went to pay and I gave the manager my Debit card and told him how bad his wait staff was. At this he grew angry and took my card and left the restaurant. Then I started a yelling battle with the whole wait staff which had us yelling at each other all through the airport. Sometime during this Norrie disappeared and I discovered that I was wearing the warm up basketball pants I got when I was the manager for the B-ball team. Ok, but then I went back to the restaurant to get my debit card again and got in to it with several more waiters and waitresses, but I could never find the manager who took my card.

Finally, I end up sitting at a table with a waitress and we start talking really seriously about what all happened that looked like the scene from Magnolia where the cop is talking to the coke addicted lady. While I was explaining to her what made her so terrible, and that I really loved her so she should help me get my card back, I woke up...Totally unresolved...No Norrie, Darr, Jamaica or a debit card...but I loved wearing those pants!

Hope my first entry was worth it!


Bejesus Frees Us from Drowning

I dreamt last night that i was looking down on myself sleeping... and then all of a sudden my point of view jolted back into the 1st person, so I was back inside myself. Right when that happened, my bed turned into a huge body of water that was filled with huge rats, and I started to sink into it. It was almost like the momentum of my point of view plunged me into the water when it jolted back into me, as if it was a tangible thing that landed on top of me. I felt like I had fallen into a pool with the solar cover on it... I was getting all tangled up in the rats.

I don't remember much more than that, but I do remember jumping the frick out of bed so frantically that I hurt my wife in the process. She said I stood up, was breathing heavily and mumbling really fast about something. Probably about how I was going to find the bastard that sold me the stupid rat-ocean bed.

National Lampoons Flood School

So I was about 8 or 9 yrs old and went to school with kids in like Huck Finn's time period in the country. We went on a field trip to a huge southern mansion/school to take a tour. There were kids in their little clubs and everything in my class. We were taking a tour from the owner of the place who had a Rollie Fingers-style moustache. He was like the Monopoly guy mixed with Snively Whiplash from Bullwinkle. He was very nice. We were going through all the rooms and exploring the house and stuff, and all of a sudden water start coming into the bottom floor. A huge wave was just passin' through, I guess. So we all ran up the stairs and there was like 6 feet of water in the house. For some reason everyone was having a huge panic attack, probably because we were 8 years old. But it was like the water couldn't be touched and everyone was frightened. So I had to calm everyone down, even the Rollie fingers tourguide. It was rather odd.