Friday, October 14, 2005

Football and Stuff

So I was a linebacker for the Bears. We had this big game and I was one on one with Randy Moss the whole game and stopped him from catching anything. And had a bunch of sweet tackles. We won.

Then I had another dream about something awesome but now I friggin forgot.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Others' dreams...

My co-worker Whitney dreamt that she could place a guide - a la Photoshop or InDesign - in her garage to know where to park her car. Ha! As if & if only.

#2: Jordan had an instant daydream right before bed that she was floating up through a floor in the hallway of a hospital and there was a monkey-spider (not to be confused with a spider monkey) running at her. It was dressed like a circus monkey with a little red vest and a fez. It had one monkey leg but the others were spider legs.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Plett Family Vacation

Our family decided to take a vacation to like the east coast/New England area. Stacy and I took our places in the back seat of the Astro van as usual.

As we were leaving the place we lived we drove by this two block area that I've begun having in multiple dreams. Everytime I dream about this area I only pass it accidentally when I'm trying to find it. It's like a shopping/mall of glass and silver in like downtown Chicago and there's an airport on top and also a carnival of some kind. Usually I'm looking at a map when I see it. And then realize that we just passed it and then never find it again. This time only I was looking out the window and just watched it on the way. Stacy started to talk to me about some band that I had all the cd's of and told me something about them that made me mad at her. We got to this place that we were to stay and we all went to explore. We went out to the deck in the back close to the water and we all noticed that it was sinking wherever we took a step and we were disappointed in the place even though it was fun to walk on the deck.

On Broadway

I slept for 12 straight hours on Saturday. During that time, I was transported to a dream.
I had decided to leave wherever I was from and move to New York to become a star something, artist, actor, something. I got there and moved into this place that was nasty and met up with amanda somewhere. I couldn't get a job and gradually ran out of money and had to live on the street. I was called into a meeting which I thought was an interview, but actually was a huge con-artist agency. They had been hiring people who couldn't do anything else right, pretty much. When I went for this interview it was in the middle of a courthouse with like some official seal on the ground in the middle of the floor in some mosaic pattern. There was a group of like 100 people in suits watching this from a dark area behind us. It was like I was joining a cult and they were witnesses. I was rather scared.
So my job became a rep for a design place and I would go to these people and con them into thinking the brochures and stuff were real and awesome. Not like bad design or ideas, but fake like the paper would break and the cd's didn't work. I wore a suit and at my first job they found me out to be a con. I ran out and into the street and immediately was in some dirty ratty torn clothes and Amanda and I were in the street and some cop was coming to arrest us because for some reason we just started making out on the sidewalk.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Matrices or Pericles?

There was this giant maggot/larva/bug beast that was sucking in all these smaller wormy bugs through various holes/orifices/orificium as well as these people that were around, although i didn't actually see that happen. I thought to myself how much like the Matrix it all was (now I realize that it was not at all like the Matrix). Then I was inside this fairly dark but well carpeted circular hallway/basement/stairwell that went up and up and I knew there were poisonous gases in the air on the first three floors/levels. So I made my way up many flights of stairs on my hands and knees, and then there were people doing accounting or something.
Later I was hanging out with Arcade Fire (who were made up of three or four high school-ish kids) in my great-grandma's old house (not really) and asking if they were going to buy it since they played there every time they were in that town.
I don't think they were going to.