Friday, February 09, 2007

Brady Quinn = Greedy Bastard?

Brady Quinn & I were taking a tour of this old scenic university (reminiscent of Notre Dame -- go figure)... we were walking through this huge old mansion that had been converted into a dorm. There were a bunch of other football players touring the same house, like it was the place to be & everybody was vying for a limited number of rooms. We were snooping around in a hall closet, when we found this box full of Notre Dame shirts. He grabbed like 6 of them & ran up the stairs, like he was gyanking them & didn't want to get caught. I looked around in the box for a shirt that would fit me (I don't know why I even wanted one since I despise ND), but that bastard took all the ones that were my size -- I just knew it. I followed him upstairs to get a shirt, and 2 hookers were waiting, complete with laminated price lists. One of them was on sale. How can you pass up a sale, son?

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wholegrain said...

Clothes, 100% off! Oooooh.
Ba dum ching!