Tuesday, February 27, 2007

dream of robins and chan

i was walking out of my grandparents house and to my great grandfather's home, which is right next door. to get there, i have to step off an elevated drive way which makes a corner with my great g'pa's yard. Right there in the corner, lives a dogwood tree. As i am stepping off to go his house, i see about 100 baby robins, complete with their tiny baby bird downy feathers. there were tons, they were all piled high and tweeting. it was weird, and sweet. so, i decided to get to my great g'pa's home, i'll just walk down the drive way and around.. so, as i am trying to do that, i step off the embankment, and something, who knows what, picks me up and slams me down right on all the baby robins.

i kill them all. the grass was so green. :(

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Anonymous said...

umm.... creepy.