Tuesday, November 14, 2006


- Weather man said to watch out for yeast infections, due to the cool temp. and high winds.
- Family members and I caught a ride with a mentally challenged man while my mom questioned that he was allowed to drive.
- Family & I visited a church where my sister attempted to request a hymn but realized they had Mormon hymnals and all the familiar hymns had the word "mormon" inserted instead of other important words.
- Wife decided to teach Sunday School but only had enough handouts for half of the kids. In an attempt to get copies made, I transformed into some rubber bands, causing the pastor's wife to believe (apparently it was just the amount she had been looking for) and then presumably make us some copies. But apparently she didn't because:
- I turned into a bat and was flying around to try and make copies/locate a copier. But all my bat-brain could think was "Flies. Flies. Flies." As in houseflies. So I flew around thinking about catching flies and didn't get copies made. But all the kids had disappeared anyways.
- Wife became my lucid dream "trigger" when someone implied she was with another guy. I knew that we were married, so somehow that alerted me that I was dreaming. But all I did was lay on a piano keyboard and then try to fly (as a human this time) around a room and through some plate glass windows.

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