Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Dreams of the Weekend

This wasn't in my dreams but some snakes were. Just wanted everyone to have to see this picture.

Alright, so Friday Saturday and Sunday I had crazy dreams.

Friday I dreamt that my family was going to fake Stacy's death. I mean really really big time. Stacy was even going to be lowered in a casket. We were plotting it for what I suppose was a good reason but you never know in my dreams. We had a story for how she died but I can't remember it but at the funeral we had an open casket. Stacy was laying in there and some old guy said some really nice and funny things about her and she started to giggle a little and I ran up to the front and closed the casket so people wouldn't hear. But I was laughing too. It wasn't a creepy death dream at all, it was more like a suspense plot bank heist movie dream. We were in this wooden white room and alot of the dream I was watching the dream from the ceiling. I think we pulled it off.

Saturday I dreamt that I had to go on this road trip to California, then Istanbul, then like somewhere else dumb, but we drove the whole way. I just realized that I have alot of dreams where i'm at this overpass in the country and there's this big tree and like three roads and it's green and beautiful and on a hill where i can't tell what's coming around the corner. I'm just standing in the grass not driving. It's peaceful but it's nothing, you know. Anyway, the dream included lots of maps we used to figure out where to go. My dad and I drove to Cali. Then we got there and he stayed and I drove back alone. Then I went to the mall when I got back here and it was a huge dark stone mall with tons of escalators and tall tall storefronts. Also there was a kiosk in the middle where I had to wrestle someone. It was Jon Amos Caley. We wrestled for like 2 hours in singlets representing our high school and nobody won. It sucked and was weird. Then some people drove with me to some green place on the map in scandanavia or something and we sat in some grass and then we were driving to istanbul and I woke up.

Sunday I dreamt that I lived with my cousins, as kids, in Uganda. Uganda was going to become Communist and dangerous in like 3 days and we lived on the African plains in a nice house that looked like Suburbia. There was a dried out garden and a field outside the house and there were several places that looked like strings of black hotdogs that I thought were water buffalo's poop. Well I walked up to one of them and I jumped and floated about 2feet off the ground for like 2 seconds because it was a cobra. All the poops were cobras. I could run and jump and float slowly just far enough to where I was out of reach of the cobras. It was like princess in super mario 2. Then, when i was out of that field, we went and found all this communist propaganda in some building. It was stuff from China and the Soviet Union from back when they did all those posters and stuff. They were going to spread it out in Uganda to become Communist. I woke up.

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