Monday, January 22, 2007

Disney sucks

I got invited to a halloween party at Chris Ware's house, or else he was just going to be there.
So I wanted to impress him. For my costume, I wore a pasta box on my head and looked out the clear panel. I also had on a turquoise-ish turtleneck and a brown corduroy vest.
Later, I travelled with my dad and other family members to Disneyworld in an empty hay wagon. We kept turning down streets trying to find Disney but instead found abandoned parade sites, or parking garages. Finally we arrived. The first thing we saw was some sort of martial arts demonstration in what looked like a horse stable/barn. My dad "sparred" with the instructor, but it was really fake and sissy and lasted about 30 seconds. The main "attraction" at this building was about 20 college-aged students sitting at long tables, "The Last Supper"-style, supposedly to promote their school of nursing. But really they all just shared short testimonies and anecdotes about their faith. For quite some time.
The next stop was the gymnasium, for a Disney State University basketball game. Somehow, about four or five players were graduates of my high school, but they were all guys who had never even made it to the varsity team because of getting cut or quitting because they were not good. But they had all improved quite a bit. And somehow I was playing with them. Except that I was wearing my black fleece gloves which made it really hard to dribble and pass. I kept taking them off, but then they would end up back on my hands again. I must've been pretty cold.


wholegrain said...

I know what you mean, man.

Anonymous said...

Fleece gloves make it hard to do a multitude of things.