Thursday, July 13, 2006


hi, i'm new to this blog. i would like to tell you about a dream i had yesterday afternoon.

i had a dream that i rented an airplane and heather and matt plett were gonna go up with me for a ride. we rented the plane but for some reason matt and heather were really rushing me that we had to hurry up. i was really nervous because i haven't piloted an aircraft since my crash 4 years ago. matt and heather were extremely nervous as well and it was very stressful. i started the plane and taxied quite nicely. the take off though was a little rough and matt and heather did a lot of screaming. we didn't make it off the ground so we circled around and went for it again. this time we made it. we went to somewhere and landed, had a snake, then came back because they were in a hurry. thats all i remember.

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