Friday, June 23, 2006

My dog, Satan

Alicia and I were at the San Antonio riverwalk but we couldn't figure out how to get to the lower level next to the river. We found a secret stairway/slide inside of a restaurant that took us where we wanted to be. Once we got there we started fighting over where we wanted to go. I walked away from her and went back up the strange stairway/slide while she stayed with her brother, who had joined us.
I was suddenly walking through a sliding glass door. As I passed through the door I realized I was inside my house but there was a dog sitting just inside on the carpet. I immediately knew the dog was Satan. I tried to scare Satan by yelling, "Get behind me Satan. Get out of my house Satan!" Satan replied in a classic deep Satan voice, "Get out of your own house, Mark." Now I felt screwed. Satan wasn't scared of me and he knew my name.
I woke up here probably because Satan was ready to pull me into the depths of hell. And I bet if that happens in a dream, it's happening in real life.


erica*ann said...

i like that he told you to get out of your own house.

made me laugh

wholegrain said...

Me too. What kind of dog was he, because I was thinking about getting a dog someday and would like to know what dogs Satan likes to reside in so I can steer away from that evil breed. Sorry you can't go this weekend. Makes me sad but I understand. I'm glad you finally posted a dream. I haven't been having worthwhile dreams in quite awhile.