Thursday, December 29, 2005

carlsbad caverns(psych)

so my buddy matt(not to be confused with kelly mast) asked me years ago to do this dream blog thing, but i had big plans of success and grandure, so i was like "uhh, talk to the hand, i guess." but then i hit it big, so now i got nothing else to do and he asked me a gain and here we are. anyway this is a dream from a long time ago, but i'll pretend that it happened last night.

so last night i had this dream that these fed ex dudes were taking me to town. that is to say they were beating me up. it was like 5 on one and they were just standing there kicking the crap outta me. using their heavy packages to really ruff me up good. believe me, i thought i was a gonner, but then all of a sudden, out of nowhere come the boys in brown, thats right like 5 U.P.S. dudes came rushing in there and started wooping sorry fed ex tail. i was very grateful to say the least, then they stole the fed ex chumps packages, then i woke up. hooray.
thats the first dream, there will be many more to come(maybe).


wholegrain said...

Welcome aboard, blinkin' and nod to you. It's bout time. I'm in the other room while you're hopefully dreaming up another one right now.

Anonymous said...

that's scary... "i'm in the other room while you're sleeping". you're scary, matthew.