Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Your mom

I was in Michigan this past weekend at the ol home of the in-laws. We drove there Friday after I got off work at 9:30 in the pm, so we went straight to bed when we got there. I forget many parts of my dream, but I do remember two highlights. Picture this.
I am in Dick's Sporting Goods walking around. I become excited when I come upon an area where a speed gun is set up for people to find out how fast their tennis serve is. I don't have a racket, so I just pick one up and begin to serve when someone starts yelling at me. I realize that I have this guy's racket and he doesn't want me to have it. So I drop the racket and run because the guy is chasing me.
After rounding a corner in the store, I suddenly find myself at Auntie Anne's (the pretzel place in Glenbrook Mall). I am suprised to see Matt's mom working there. We start talking and she tells me how proud she is of Matt. She says that Matt is in Africa and he led six people to the Lord the previous week.
That was about the time I remember smelling bacon and that was the end of that dream.

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wholegrain said...

Actually it was only five people that week.
That's kind of weird about my mom. That's a funny place for her to work, she's more of a "Picture People" type.