Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pistons in 7

My whole family was together for some reason. Alicia and I went to the house where I lived in elementary school to meet them. I don't remember part of it here, but we were all going to my aunt's house in Columbia City after that. I was driving alone and it started raining. For some reason I was getting onto 69 even though that is out of the way if I was going to Columbia City.

I turned on my windshield wipers , but they just scattered the water so I couldn't see through the windshield. I slowed down so I wouldn't go off the road, but then I saw a car getting ready to pass me. I drove faster because I don't like when people pass me. I finally came to a stop sign and the rain stopped. I turned right and all of a sudden I was riding a bike in a residential neighborhood.

I asked a guy for directions and he pointed me toward stairs that went down. When I started going in that direction I passed another guy who was wearing a box fan like a backpack trying to use it to help him fly. I walked my bike down the stairs and went through a door. As I walked in the place looked familiar. I think I had a recurring dream about this place when I was younger. I was always scared to be there and I was always alone. It was really just a big empty concrete area, though.

Anyway, I walked around a corner and there was another door so I went through it and it led to a pool. It was kinda like the PERC pool. I walked my bike around the pool so I could get to the door and continue riding it to my aunt's house. There were a few people next to the pool talking about how upset they were that someone ordered too much at McDonald's. At this point my cell phone rang. It was Alicia wanting to make sure I didn't sleep too long. It was still two hours before I had to be at work so I had plenty of time to publish my stupid dream in this blog.


wholegrain said...

I'm so frickin' proud of you man, you came through. That was a pretty good dream too. Just when it was getting supersized Alicia had to call. Well, I'm glad you decided to get in on the ground floor here. This chiggerbites is beginning to take off.

Burzen said...

Actual conspiracy theory of crazed Lebanon man: Cubans are training sharks to attach Americans.

Anonymous said...

Dream from in-between snoozes this morning:
I was talking to the fire extinguisher that hangs in my parent's basement stairwell (it's small & white & probably way expired), and he was telling me that I needed to pee on the extinguisher to win the game. I was like "yeah, right," cause that seemed too easy. but i was getting ready to pee on the extinguisher that I was talking to, when I realized/he told me not him, but the one in the game. so I went accross the hall (?) to the game (?) which I needed a quarter to play. since it was a dream, i just picked up this plasticky oval (like a hole-punch leftover) and put it in the slot. it worked and the elevator/game-room doors opened up to this vast virtual reality type scene of blue TV screen fuzz representing an ocean/sea. and there was a cartoony battleship that was all wavy looking and then jordan or the alarm clock woke me up before i could win the game.

Burzen said...

That was me too.

Burzen said...

I had this dream where I tried to join blogger or to make my own blog, I don't know, 10 different times. but it never worked. oh, wait, that really happened. and is happening.